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LightControl Client

This project is an example of Ethernet shield. User can manage his house easily by using Arduino platform through Web. This project would be included in Remote control category of WIZnet Museum.


Web-controlled Window Air Conditioner Using an Arduino

The internet of things has come to my little apartment in New York City. After about a week of tinkering, soldering, and piecing together bits of code from here and there, I can now load a web page from any browser, see the current temperature in my apartment (and a graph of the last 12 hours), and turn the AC unit on or off with the click of a button. This was accomplished with an Arduino, the open-source prototyping platform and the community of artists, techies and hackers behind it. I’ll show you what it looks like, then I’ll show you how I put it all together (my code is at the bottom if you want to try it yourself!