Internet of things project: Connect Arduino to Ubidots and Android – Part 1 & 2

This IoT project explores how to connect Arduino to Ubidots and Android. One important aspect in Arduino Internet of things programmin is how to connect arduino to internet and store date to IoT cloud platforms using arduino ethernet shield. This aspect is important because it is possible to store data in the cloud and then analyze it. Once the data, like sensor values, is on the cloud is possible to access it using smart phones and control remotely the Arduino board.


The thing system – Clients

More complicated clients, one which monitor updates from the steward looking for changing conditions, and reacting to them on behalf of the user by asking the steward to perform actions, are entirely possible. Technically speaking these are intelligent agents working in a multi-agent system with shared goals of making life more convenient for the user. We like to think that we're implementing magic.