Serial Device Control (using Unity3D)

/Serial Device Control (using Unity3D)
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In this project we control the devices (LEDs in this case) connected to WIZwiki W7500 from Unity3D and also rotate the cubes on Unity screen using the push button connected to WizWiki w7500 through serial communication.This project basically demonstrates the serial communication between Unity3D and WIZWiki W7500.

Project participants
Used parts
Classification Part Name Parts link
mbed Board W7500
Etc Push button generic
Etc LED generic
Etc PC with uinstalled Unity3D

Project summary

Using the project we can control the LED's(green,yellow and red) connected to WizWIki W7500 from Unity app by pressing the respective coloured cube . Similarly we can rotate the cube on Unity using the push button connected to Wizwiki W7500. This project demonstrates serial communication between WizWIki W7500 and Unity3D in both directions.

Project Content

In telecommunication and data transmission, serial communication is the process of sending data one bit at a time, sequentially, over a communication channel or computer bus. This is in contrast to parallel communication, where several bits are sent as a whole, on a link with several parallel channels.

The Unity app is in the PC and the wiz wiki is connected to PC using USB connection.  Below are the steps to install Unity 3D in PC and it’s interface with Wiz wiki.

UNITY 3D And Vuforia Setup

  • Download Unity3D for Windows and install it
  • Open Unity 3D and create a new project
  • Go to Assets ,then click on Import Package,then select Custom Packages and import the packages as required
  • In Case of AR, Import Vuforia extension packages and the database you created on Vuforia
  • Go to Game object  add AR Camera and 3D objects such as cube in this project
  •  Go to Assets and click on import new assets and select the particular 3D object you want to insert.
  • We can also download 3D obj from Assets Store and import it in Unity.
  • Go to File and click on Build Setting–>Select platform–>click on Player Settings
  • In player settings go to XR Setting and click on Vuforia Augmented reality if required.
  • For Android Application Other settings need to be modified as follows:


*The package name should be in the following order: com.companyname.productname

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