Important Information

//Important Information
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The project must be submitted by Sep 29,2018. (The website allows students  to save their project as draft while  it is still in progress)

Devices to be used for the contest must include any of the following :

1) Wizwiki W7500

2) Wizarduino

3) WIZNET Wifi shield

4) Serial to Ethernet (S2E)


Please visit this page for more information about technical details of the Wiznet devices :

To submit the  project/contest entry  for the Wiznet IoT Contest :


In case you require to borrow  Wiznet devices  for your project , you can collect the Wiznet device from CDI Lab .

If you have any queries , please email at

If you have any problem with the website  , please email at :


Note :

  • The link “Current Contest Entries” shows the submitted entries till now.
  • The students can  rate /recommend/comment   others’ project and encourage their fellow contestants .