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Door Lock System

IoT(Internet of Things) has had a significant impact on the smart home. According to google trends, over 75% people searched for 'smart home' in 2016 more comparatively than in 2015. Let me introduce one which is a door lock of the smart security things.

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IoT Protocol ” MQTT, CoAP”

As the Internet of Things become new IoT trends, a lot of things are giving us various services by exchanging information among them. In this situation, the data exchange method between things, that is the IoT protocol, is classified as one of important things.

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Low bit rate wireless communication

Recently, the low bit rate wireless communication has become a hot topic. a lot of portable devices have been created leveraging Bluetooth Smart. We are now aiming for low-speed such as LTE-M, NB_IoT, etc. and moving away from only focusing on high-speed in 3GPP.

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IoT Gateway

In order to make a IoT product, we should be considering the IoT gateway. Almost IoT device used to directly connect between device and smart phone. There are various communication methods like WiFi, BLE, RFID, and Zeebee in the IoT field. So this article explains the IoT gateway product for RF, Zigbee, BLE and so on.

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Examples of short distance wireless IoT

How do IoT devices transmit information to each other? Currently, there are various methods of wireless communication where the main device controls peripherals such as Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, NFC, LoRa and so on. In this article, I will briefly introduce the wireless communication methods that I mentioned above.

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IoT projects using free Cloud

We can easily create our own IoT product if we take advantage of the higher penetration rate of smartphones and the current environment that makes it easy to access IoT products. In addition, cloud services that can be used to develop IoT product are also emerging as the number and type of IoT products continue to rapidly increase.

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