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Internet LED Sign Display

LED Displays connected to the Internet that can feature various messages is gaining popularity from the simple signboards installed outside. With these new displays, you can create different graphics and information as well as write letters using LED Display module in the Open Arduino environment. The possibilities are endless.


In this article, we will see how we can transmit information to the LED Matrix by connecting Internet to Arudino based on Open Hardware platform.


Internet controllable LED message marquee


This 64 x 14 LED Display features texts from the Internet through the Web. Designed on the Arduino platform, the Web is a method of sending a Message by registering in ‘Starling’. The basic operation is to control two LED Displays by connecting in parallel through two Arduino boards. W5500 Ethernet shield is used for Ethernet.

Here is the release of the web controller, which you can find in the file manager. Now you can build your own functional controllable LED screen over Internet. I’ve deviated a bit from my previous ideas about web app dev logs, so what’s changed? And what does that look like now?

– Full MySQL (abandoned the SQLite idea)

– sha384 for password hashing (instead of md5, not a game – changer but still better)

– reCAPTCHA on authentication (against brute force)

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OLD Arduino and dies LEDs: a display controlled from Internet (un afficheur piloté depuis Internet)


The author used W5100 Ethernet shield and 8 module a matrix of 64 LEDs (Link) on the Arduino mega 1280 board. It is designed to decorate a Christmas tree. You can send messages from anywhere through Web Browser to display them.



Christmas is coming! What do you think about leaving a nice surprise message to your family?

Wherever you are, you can leave a message to your loved ones and it will be so special.

This project describes how to control LED Matrix with the Internet. Any messages you want to leave, you can type it on the Web Browser and the message will be displayed on LED Matrix.




Internet Connected LED Sign

This board is designed to be able to display messages from anywhere through Arduino UNO, User Created LED Dot Matrix, and Web.

In this article, the author used live streaming service from Youtube to show the changes.


The basic operating principle is that the PHP page is called by Arduino sketch (described in step 4) and provides the message to display on Arduino. It returns the unread message from the database in a line on the HTML page. Arduino reads this message and displays it on the LED display.


The LED Internet Sign is a physical LED sign that lives in my home office.

You are able to send your messages to it from the live web feed on my website.

I have had thousands of messages from all over the world sent to my home office via the sign.

This instructable will show you how to make your own LED Internet connected sign.



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