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Project Description

This project shows us that being able to control the Fairground Machine via Internet web server using Arduino Ethernet Shield. A wonderful project. More surprising is the fact that the author was 18 years old

This fairground machine is made by Knex and controlled by an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet Shield.
With the Ethernet shield it is able to make a ‘website’ to control the machine with a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet.
The machine is controlled by three Knex moters, two lasers, 2 LDR’s and one switch. With two laser systems and one switch it is possible to measure the position of the elements of the machine. This makes it possible for the machine to run on it’s own.
The machine can be used with two methods: By hand or with an automated program. The automated program makes it possible for the machine to run on it’s own.
The moters on the Arduino Board are provided separately from each other with power. On this way they ‘don’t have to share the electricity’.
This project took me about a week to complete.



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