Control LED from Web using Arduino

/Control LED from Web using Arduino
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Project Description

Control LED from Web using Arduino

by aliasgermodi07


Here I have controlled an LED from a webpage using Arduino EthernetSheild and Arduino Mega ADK.

First you have to create a server using Arduino EthernetSheild :

  • Place your EthernetSheild on the Arduiono Mega and make the connection.
  • Connect your Arduino Mega through USB to your laptop, and connect the EthenetSheild to your router using RJ45 cable.
  • Open Arduino IDE > File > Example > Ethernet > DhcpAddressPrinter
  • Change the MAC Address,(sticker under the EthernetSheild) upload the sketch to your board.
  • Open the serial monitor and IP address will be printed.


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