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Project Description

E-blocks internet board

by marrixtsl

Matrixtsl makes the E-block board series with many kind MCU such as PIC, AVR and ARM and provides them. One of them is Eblock internet board which provides the internect connectivity with W5100 and WizFi610 of WIZnet Products.

In addition, E-Block can be developed with amazing IDE is based on the method of Flowchart intead of program languages.

E-Block Internet Modules

  • EBlock Internet Moudle – WIZ810MJ or NM7010

    Based on the W5100 hardwired TCP/IP stack chip from WizNET, this E-blocks board adds Ethernet functionality to an existing microprocessor based system without the necessity of developing the TCP/IP software stack. As well as the Ethernet protocol the module supports 10/100 connection and a number of protocols including UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, DCHP, ARP, DLC and MAC. The unit interfaces to a microprocessor using I2C serial communication. The patch jumpers on the board allow more than one Ethernet module to be connected to the I2C bus. Flowcode macros for this E-block are available in the Professional version of Flowcode.

  • EBlock Internet Moudle – WizFi610

    The Wireless LAN E-block board allows easy access to standard wireless local area networks. The onboard TCP/IP stack allows for easy communications without the need for a TCP/IP stack on the microcontroller. The board is capable of being a client or a server on a network meaning that the E-block can also be used to host a wireless network. The board is also capable of serving html and javascript compatible web pages in either mode. The board is compatible with the wireless LAN Flowcode component.

    • E-Block connected with Internet module



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