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treasure3 Adapter Set


Components of the GR8NET adapter

GR8NET internetworking adapter is designed to provide networking and multimedia capabilities to the MSX home personal computer. It is designed by AGE LABs.


  • Install adapter only into MSX-compatible computers;
  • Use adapter only with proven fault-free equipment – including network equipment and Micro-SD cards;
  • Regularly examine edge connector of the cartridge, and slot connector cartridge to be installed into for dirt, and clear this dirt with spirit or any other solution intended for connector cleaning;
  • Install Micro-SD card with its pins facing front of the cartridge;
  • Select different switch combinations for adapters installed in the system;



Configuration logic with MSX-BASIC statements


  • RJ-45 UTP Ethernet connection, 10/100 Mbit auto-negotiation/auto MDI, IPv4
  • TCP, UDP, RAW and HTTP communication protocols
  • Built-in simple web browser to browse web server directory tree
  • DHCP configuration, DNS auto-resolution
  • 2 user programmable sockets
  • MSX-BASIC extended command support
  • Built-in telnet application
  • Operation as 1 Megabyte mapped RAM
  • ROM mapper emulation (plain, Konami)

Hardware accelerated functions:

  • Interrupt generator using time period or frequency, with watchdog
  • PCM buffered 8- and 16-bit mono performance
  • Data prefetch from onboard RAM, ROM and W5100
  • Micro-SD card interface
  • Mathpack for FAT16/FAT32 and 32-bit multiplication and division







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