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Project Description


Dual Serial Port Serial-to-Ethernet Module


  1. Support TCP server, TCP client and UDP communication, support broadcast communication
  2. 10/100BaseTX automatic adaptation, can also be configured manually
  3. Support DHCP protocol, can obtain IP address and network parameters from the DHCP server dynamically
  4. Ethernet connection and data communication LED indicator; level output for the Ethernet connection status
  5. Dual UART channels with independent configuration, UART baud rate from 1,200bps to 230,400bps
  6. The UART signal is 3.3v TTL/CMOS level
  7. Communication parameters saved internally, no need to re-set configuration parameters each time
  8. Module support configuration through UART interface and network interface
  9. Operating status of Module can be monitored through the network
  10. 3.3v DC power supply, power consumption ≤ 120mA
  11. With a network transformer isolation input / output, just need an external RJ-45 socket, easy for product design.

Pin assignment:

Source: Hasion Electonics

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