HS-EVBW7100AQFN64 (Hasion)

/HS-EVBW7100AQFN64 (Hasion)
HS-EVBW7100AQFN64 (Hasion)2018-08-01T13:39:15+00:00

Project Description


W7100A-QFN64 evaluation board



  • W7100A  all resources P0 ~ P3 port is opened, open all the interrupt, clock and UART interface
  • Provide DoCD development interface
  • Provide the C source code of MCS-51 in Keil environment
  • Power supply to provide 3.3V / 1A current with power switch
  • Providing Ethernet interface, the archive single-chip embedded network system
  • Provide RS-232C interface

Source: Hasion Electronics


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