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Project Description




This project combines the above to turn the Arduino into web server witch is hooked up to the LCD. It produces a simple HTML web page, from which the user may see what text is currently displayed on the LCD, and provides them the opportunity to change the text using simple input forms.




Ethernet Shield

16×2 Basic Chracter LCD



Connect the web page by typing in the local network IP address of the Arduino. On the web page, it tells what is currently displayed by the LCD, and it provides with two boxes to enter more text, one for each row. Each row is limited by the HTML code to 16 characters which provides instant feedback about the limitations of user’s setup to the LCD. After typing in a couple of new lines and clicking the submit button causes the the page refresh and update with what user just entered.


1. Enter the IP address on Web browser.


This is the current text message displayed on the LCD.


2. Type the new message and click the submit



3. After that the text changed


And LCD will display new message.



BLOG : http://dangerousprototypes.com/blog/2011/05/25/web-interactive-lcd-controlled-by-arduino/

CODE : http://pastebin.com/MQB0Wdkg/

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