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Funny and useful Arduino SNS (Twitter) projects

SNS that created the social network era is now transforming into a different form in the era of IoT and Makers. If we can now control Arduino through SNS, which is accessible from any device, we may have found the best IoT Solution to perform any desired operation in any environment.

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The Trend of Clones of Arduino Shields using W5100

This post shows the diversity of the W5100 chip Ethernet Shield - how it is used as well as how many ways it can be customized. We call a product that's been customized with added value and resold as a new product or package a “VAR product.”

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What are IoT Platforms? Let’s make the IoT platform easier.

The IoT platform cannot be defined as a single platform bur rather, it is a new platform or a combination of various platforms. The three platforms needed to devleop an IoT platform are the Cloud Platform, Application Platform, and the Hardware Platform.

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ARMmbed Project with Home Automation(Smart home)

Many changes have occurred in daily life since the Internet of Things industry have developed significantly. The word Internet of Things enabled many hosts to connect to the Internet and exchange information over the Internet; many services notify customers about the host and provide service for managing and controling the host.

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IoT Products for Pet Lover, Do It Yourself!!

In the IoT era, even the way of feeding pets are becoming smarter. I am going to show this fantastic and amazing example of how to make this Smart Pet Feeder product at an affordable price for pet lovers.

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