Sensors to help people

직접 병원이나 보건소에 가지 않고, 실시간 원격으로 병원에서 환자의 심박과 근전도를 측정한다. 햇살에 눈이 부셔 앞이 잘 보이지 않은 상황에서도 장애물에 걸리지 않게, 도와준다. 또한 직접 움직이지 않고, 뇌파를 이용해 원격으로 각종 장치들을 제어하며, 실외 자외선 량을 측정하여, 외출 시 주의해야 할 자외선 량을 알 수 있다. 먼 미래에 벌어질 이야기가 아니라 벌써 코 앞까지 다가온 IoT 시대에 벌어질 이야기이다. 이 글에서는 IoT 시대에 사용될 만한 센서들에 대한 소개와 사용한 예시를 설명하고자 한다.

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Motor for IoT System

Which IoT system do you want to build? MCU board is required to build IoT system, and device should be connected to wired/wireless network. Examples of wired/wireless communication networks include WIFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth. In this article, I will introduce some examples of IoT systems that use Ethernet to control the motor. I hope you have a motor that you are interested in.

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We don't just live on a simple set of data in the AI age. We expect that the AI age will accelerate the development of Robot which will have the agilest effect on human life. I was able to see that it is not far away living with a robot since the robot showed many abilities such as independent power, jumping in person's waist height, jumping over obstacles, and tumbling. I would like to introduce a Robot which we can easily make with OpenHard platform in this tcc.

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Door Lock System

IoT(Internet of Things) has had a significant impact on the smart home. According to google trends, over 75% people searched for 'smart home' in 2016 more comparatively than in 2015. Let me introduce one which is a door lock of the smart security things.

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IoT Protocol ” MQTT, CoAP”

As the Internet of Things become new IoT trends, a lot of things are giving us various services by exchanging information among them. In this situation, the data exchange method between things, that is the IoT protocol, is classified as one of important things.

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Low bit rate wireless communication

Recently, the low bit rate wireless communication has become a hot topic. a lot of portable devices have been created leveraging Bluetooth Smart. We are now aiming for low-speed such as LTE-M, NB_IoT, etc. and moving away from only focusing on high-speed in 3GPP.

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